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How to take safety measures against COVID-19 when renting a bike or taking a bike tour in Ottawa?

Published: August 18, 2020
Last updated: April 1, 2021
Covid-19 Protocol Cleaning Product and Helmets- Bike and Helmets are disinfected at our store

Wondering what measures we are taking to protect the safety of our valued staff and customers against COVID-19? Here is the gist of it.

COVID-19 has changed our world drastically. Occasionally, we have a customer who asks us if we are disinfecting our equipment. We do! To ease off the nervousness we throw in a little humor and say: “Yes, because we do not intend to be COVID-19 distribution centre”. Or “We have been cleaning and disinfecting our bikes and helmets in the last 5 years before COVID-19 was known.“ 

Humor aside, we know you have a right to be taken care of and feel safe when you come to us for bike tours and rentals. So, in 2020 and 2021 Escape Bicycle Tours & Rentals has taken even more steps to make our rental and tour services the best and safest experience for you. We have created a Covid-19 Protocol page on our website, a video and this blog to give you peace of mind. 

Disinfection is key during COVID-19

We have been renting out bicycles from early spring already and resumed our 2020 bike tours since late June. You should know that customers who want to bike know they are in good hands with us.  We always clean and safety check our bikes after they are returned. 

We have been disinfecting and cleaning our helmets bikes years before anyone had ever heard of COVID-19. Because we care about the health of our customers at all times. Not only during pandemics.

Which Covid-19 measures do we take these days?

In a way not much has changed for us as safety and hygiene have always been our top priorities. Here are our measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and keep you safe:

  1. Disinfecting helmets inside and outside as well as the bikes, especially the parts that have been touched the most (seat, handlebars, brake and gear levels) after each use;
  2. Meeting customers outside of our store so we can easily maintain the ← 2 meters → distancing.  Our tour sizes are small (2 to 7) so distancing is in full effect while we are out and about.
  3. Handling our paperwork via a clipboard that we pass on to you, so that we don’t have to be too close; 
  4. Payments can be done via tap or e-transfer. Sanitizers are always available. Make sure you ask us if you need some;
  5. Providing masks for anyone who may need one. 

Watch our procedures in this short video because as the saying goes: a picture says more than a thousand words (even though our guides are a chatty lot). 

Still not convinced about our COVID-19 measures?

Bring your own helmet and disinfectant or ask us to wipe off the helmet and bike with disinfectant one more time before you take off for your ride. We will be more than happy to do so. We want you to have the best experience.

Great cycling infrastructure for social distancing

With so many amenities closed, biking has become one of the most popular pandemic-safe activities. Ottawa has a great cycling infrastructure and with hundreds of kilometres of pathways to safely bike free from traffic, cycling has become more popular than ever in Ottawa. So, if you are visiting Ottawa during the Covid-19 pandemic, make sure you put biking on your bucket list. 

Cycling is a great way to clear the mind (and to keep the kids busy)

With varieties of bike tours for all interests and abilities and rental bikes in all shapes and sizes (including e-bikeshybrid performancehybrid comfort, mountainroad and kids bikes) we have an option for everyone. Biking is great for social distancing, it clears the mind and allows for hours of carefree activities without the concern of cross-contamination at gyms etc. Connect with us today!

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