Why Cycling is Ottawa’s Best Team Building Activity!

Published: May 24, 2021
Last updated: May 24, 2021
Cycling team building activity in Ottawa with Escape Tours Rentals

Golf is so passé. Cycling is the next big thing!

Thinking of ideas for your next team building or professional development event? Why not try a cycling tour?

Over the years, people have learned that cycling can actually be a very social thing to do. There is a reason why the Dutch are legally allowed side by side: they consider it a birthright to socialize on the bike!

When together in one of our group bike tours, our customers love the social interaction too. We have already had several companies visit us for tours!

This made us realise as entrepreneurs that we should take this concept one step further. Why not offer team building & professional development cycling tours in the nation’s capital? Whether it’s a social event, team building activity, or professional development event, our tours are a great way to interact with each other in an informal way!

Not yet convinced? Here are our top 4 reasons why cycling is Ottawa’s best team building activity:

1. Variety for team building

There is a team building & professional development cycling tour for everyone! Ottawa is the perfect city for bike tours! We have so much to offer in the region that we can cater to a large variety of demands.

Against a historical, natural, and/or urban environment backdrop, we can offer many different ideas to work on a team building event that will satisfy everyone. Guaranteed!

2. Something fun and memorable

Book a cycling tour! When it comes to booking a team building activity, why sit inside when you could be exploring Ottawa’s beautiful scenery by bicycle!

Perhaps your group would like to make a picnic stop along the banks of the Rideau Canal – a UNESCO world heritage site. Or, maybe you would like to learn more about local history on the shores of the mighty Ottawa River. You could also participate in fun team building games under the tree canopy of nearby Gatineau Park in ‘La Belle Province’. If you are foodies like us, we can also stop for coffee at a local roaster or try a local eatery together.

We have endless opportunities in Ottawa, a city surrounded by greenspace and water and so easily accessible by bicycle on hundreds of kilometers of bike infrastructure, one of the best bicycle networks Canada has to offer. Just go for it!

Group team building bike tour and picnic lunch in Ottawa with Escape Tours Rentals


3. Bikes for everyone: Ebike, tricycle and tandem

Hip problem, balance issues, not so confident riders? No problem, we’ve got you covered with electric bikes, tricycle, tandem, you name it, we have it. There is an option for everyone in your team. Today there are so many types of bikes, from electric cargo bikes to trikes, that no one has to stay behind.

4. Booking a cycling tour supports local businesses

If you are already based in Ottawa, not only will you save on expensive transportation trips but you support your local economy and community.

We have always made a point to support and visit local businesses on our tours. Supporting local business means that the money stays in the economy. Why go to some mediocre corporate hotel along a highway 200 kilometeres away, if everything you need is right in our own backyard.

As a locally owned business, we know many people with wonderful skill sets that can help create a great day for your staff.

Cycling team building activity in Ottawa's hidden gems

How do I book a team building event?

Tell us your business goals for a meeting or retreat and we’ll design an event to engage brains, shift thinking, and deliver valuable learning in a fun way. Encourage your team to think out of the box… by getting out of the office! Connect with [email protected] or drop by at Escape Bicycle Tours & Rentals at 65 Sparks St. 

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