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Child Trailer

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Kid's Bike

kids bike


In our experience, a Child trailer is suitable for kids from 10 months old to 4-5 year old. Our child trailer brand is Co-Pilot and is ASTM approved. It is suitable for:

  • towing 2 children
  • up to 80lbs

A trail-a-bike is suitable for kids who are 5-7 years old. We recommend using this if your child can hold the bike handlebars comfortably while being at the back of your bike. Our Trail-a-Bike brand is Adams.

A 20-inch wheel bike is suitable for children who are 7-9 years old. The 7-speed model gives a range of options to kids while keeping it simple and smooth.

A 24- inch wheel bike is suitable for kids who are 9-11 years old. Available in 7-speed and 21 speed.

Bike Rental Rates for 24 hours or less:

1 Hour: $8
2 Hours: $15
3–4 Hours: $20
Full day (up to 9 Hours): $25
Overnight (5:30 pm to 9:30 am the next day): $20
24 Hours: $30


Please note the above rates are for Child Trailer and Trial-a-Bike. Regular kid’s bikes are the same rate as regular adult bikes.

Bike Rental Rates for more than 24 hours:

3 Days: $60
1 Week: please contact

Bike Rental Includes:

Bike • Helmet • Lock

Rental steps:

1- Reserve online.

2- Come to our location at 65 Sparks St. to be fitted on the bike.

3- We will fill out a form for you with your credit card information (you won’t be charged).

4- Pay whichever way you like (cash, debit, credit card) when you return the bike(s).

Ready to take your little ones for their next adventure?