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David, an experienced, local, fun and knowledgeable tour guides at Escape Bicycle Tours and Rentals lead Ottawa bike tours

David Chernushenko

Your Tour Guide!

Pedaling since the age of 5, David has seen cycling in Ottawa go from a little bit crazy in the 1970s to insanely fun today. As a city councillor, from 2010-18, he was a key player in some challenging decisions that brought more cycling infrastructure to Ottawa. He loves to share how some of the successes were achieved.

David is a storyteller by nature. He has given speeches on environmental approaches to building, sport and urban planning across Canada and around the world. He has produced three documentary films, all involved bicycles in some way. His most recent Bike City, Great City explores how making cities better for cycling can make them better for everyone. His first novel Burning Souls features a cycling heroine and a harrowing escape on a bicycle!

His proudest achievement has been raising a family that shares his passion for riding and his belief in the bicycle as “liberty on wheels.”

Familiar with almost every nook-and-cranny of Ottawa, David is keen to show you this beautiful city and share with you his stories in French or English.

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