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Ottawa Scavenger Hunt Bike & Escooter Tours

What are Ottawa scavenger hunt bike and escooter tours? Our scavenger hunt tours are Ottawa city exploration games through a smartphone application called Questo, which will let you explore the real-world sights, landmarks and hidden gems of Ottawa while playing through a captivating fictional story.

Find the largest mural in Eastern Ontario
Discover the story behind the canvas
Learn about Ottawa’s diverse art scene

$11.89 CAD

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Discover the diversity of Ottawa’s food scene
Navigate downtown Ottawa with ease
Solve a murder mystery

$11.89 CAD

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Dive into a captivating story
Explore Ottawa’s most iconic neighbourhood
Learn about the capital’s past and present

8.9 CAD

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Meet the figures that have shaped the city of Ottawa
Enjoy Ottawa’s magnificent multi-use pathways

$11.89 CAD

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How do Ottawa scavenger hunt bike and escooter tours work?

You will need a smartphone and data to download the Questo app in order to participate. Once you have downloaded the experience it will direct you to the real-world starting point in Ottawa. From there you will be presented with the first chapter of the story, as well as challenges and riddles to solve before it reveals the next chapter.

Ottawa: In The Eyes Of A Street Artist

Learn the stories behind the canvas

  • Learn the story behind Ottawa’s vibrant street art
  • Discover one of the largest murals in Eastern Ontario
  • Solve riddles and puzzles as part of an entertaining fictional story
  • Explore Ottawa’s multi-use pathways to navigate the city
  • $11.89 CAD

Get to know Ottawa’s diverse urban art scene as you become EgoNibi, legendary street artist from Tunam. Explore Ottawa to find inspiration and a location for your next masterpiece, but watch out; agents from Tunam are hot on your tail!

Uncover hidden gems hidden in plain sight as you dance with lions in Chinatown, learn about one of the world’s greatest inventors in Little Italy, and learn about the fantastic artists behind these brilliant works.

Powered by the Questo smartphone app, you will tour the city solving riddles and puzzles as you play an active role in a fictional story, and at the same time, uncover the real life people and stories behind several notable pieces of Ottawa street art.

Ottawa ‘Foods Of The World’ Tour

An Olympus Peraux Murder Mystery

  • Discover a world of flavour in one city!
  • Learn about the exotic origins of everyday food staples.
  • Learn about the fusion of food traditions which both challenge and preserve traditional identities.
  • $11.89 CAD

A murder has shaken the Ottawa culinary scene to its core, but this strange affair is a cake walk as take on the identity of Olympus Peraux, world-famous detective.

Can you uncover the murderer before they strike again? Only time will tell!

Ottawa has attracted fine culinary minds from around the world who proudly serve their culture in every dish. Go behind the scenes and learn about the people and traditions that have contributed to the city’s unique culinary offerings.

Powered by the Questo smartphone app, you will tour the city solving riddles and puzzles as you play an active role in a fictional story. As you participate in the story you will explore Ottawa’s vibrant culinary scene and discover the real-life world of flavour the city has to offer.

Ottawa: The Rockcliffe Neighbourhood

Explore the neighbourhood of mansions and ambassadors

  • Explore Ottawa’s historic past and present
  • Learn about Canada’s connection with nations and people around the world
  • Navigate the beautiful green spaces of Rockcliffe Park
  • $8.9 CAD

Play a game in Rockcliffe Park, one of Ottawa’s most prestigious neighbourhoods and explore the community of ambassadors and mansions as you become Jackson, a party-goer who cannot find his car, nor his friends.

Powered by the Questo smartphone app, you will tour the city solving riddles and puzzles as you play an active role in a fictional story while uncovering the real stories of the Rockcliffe Park Heritage Conservation District.

Learn about the historic origins of the community and the modern day residents that call Rockcliffe Park home.

Ottawa Downtown: Private Investigator

Discover the people that have left a lasting impact on the national capital

  • Navigate downtown with ease!
  • Find some of Ottawa’s most Instagramable sights!
  • Learn about the early days of Ottawa
  • Enjoy scenic pathways through the heart of the city
  • Explore Ottawa past and present
  • $11.89 CAD

James Keefer has gone missing and his family has hired you to solve the case. Travel through Ottawa to uncover clues to solve his disappearance and meet the figures behind the scenes that have left a lasting impact on the city of Ottawa along the way.

As you navigate the fictional story of the Keefer disappearance you will learn about the real life people and events that have contributed to the city we know and love today. Learn about the city’s past, present and future while exploring some of the most Instagramable spots in Ottawa.

Powered by the Questo smartphone app, you will tour the city solving riddles and puzzles as you play an active role in a fictional story. At the same time, you will enjoy both sides of Ottawa as you safely navigate its natural, green spaces, as well as the hustle and bustle of the city’s core.

This development of these fun tours has been made possible with generous funding from Tourism Economic Development and Recovery Fund from the Government of Ontario.

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