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Denis L’Heureux

Your Tour Guide!

Cycling is his #1 passion. The history of Ottawa comes next. So when Denis decided to retire from his finance job in 2019, becoming a tour guide on bicycle was a no brainer. He is passionate about the job and wants to share his passions with you.

Along with his spouse, Denis loves to cycle tour in various locations in Canada, the US and Europe. Weekend bike trips from Ottawa are also an activity of choice. Denis is also a volunteer with the local search and rescue organization supporting the police efforts when people get lost in nature. He lived in various locations in Canada as well as China and the Cayman Islands but has been calling Ottawa home for the last 20 years.

Your tour can be tailored for your unique interests in either French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese or Esperanto!!!

Come along for the ride and enjoy.

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