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Sparky Paquette

Sparky M. Paquette

Your Tour Guide!

Sparky grew up in Ottawa and, along with her two sisters, spent many happy hours and days riding her bike, exploring the different parts of Ottawa and it’s hidden gems. Today, she is an avid cyclist who prefers to bike everywhere rather than drive.  She uses her bike not only for daily activities and weekend tours, but also for her volunteer work (she has been delivering Meals on Wheels by bike for more than 5 years now).

Sparky is retired from Bell, where she was as an Associate Director, with a career ranging from public relations, to executive sales, human resources, sales training, marketing and career consulting.  She is out-going and enjoys meeting new people and leading groups.  She also knows her native city very well and loves to have the opportunity to share it with others.

Sparky is herself an avid traveller and she likes to participate in bike tours wherever she goes.  As far as she’s concerned, “cycling is one of the very best ways to get to know and appreciate a city!”

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