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Electric Scooter Sale Ottawa

SmartKick Plus X8- 2021

Now on sale for $699


  • Up to 40-48KM (30 Mi) range

  • Foldable lightweight
  • 500 Watts Motor & Up to 25KM/hr speed

Buy an e scooter for your adventures in Ottawa-Gatineau!

Get around town with Smartkick Plus X8  electric scooter which can go up to 40-48 km on one charge. Powered with a 500 watts electric motor and suspension in the front and back, this electric kick scooter takes you far while giving you an enjoyable ride! The SmartKick X8 Plus scooter can fold or unfold in less than 10 seconds and the battery can be recharged fast while you are having a lunch break! The e scooter display gives you everything you need in terms of speed and distance at a glimpse. This e scooter is equipped with triple brakes and front and back night light and a horn for a safe ride! The SmartKick X8 is ideal for rides on all-terrain, and travels of all kinds. It is so much fun! 

What our awesome customers say

Do you sell E scooters?
Yes, we sell escooters in Ottawa-Gatineau.
How much is it to buy an E scooter?
E scooter prices vary a lot. We do not recommend buying cheaper units as they won’t last more than a few months. Our Smartkick Plus X8 is a reliable and tested brand with a price range between $699-$999 depending on the battery power. 
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