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Ottawa Bike & Boat Cruise Combo Package Deal

Published: September 17, 2019
Last updated: April 1, 2021
Guests are taking an Escape bike & boat tour and stop at Rideau Falls Ottawa landmark to watch a boat cruise

What could be better than a bike and boat tour of Ottawa? This grand deal should not be ignored: a 2 hour guided bike tour and a 75-minute historic sightseeing tour by river cruise boat in Ottawa.

Bike and Boat Tour-Escape Tours Rentals

Capital Cruise Lines passing underneath the historic Alexandra bridge across the Ottawa River

Many of our guests love the green space in our beautiful city of Ottawa. Not only do we have a wonderful Greenbelt around the city and lots of countryside further out, we also have many city parks and green space along the rivers where we take our guests on our bike tours.

This is a great way to discover the city. You can leave your car at the hotel or in the parking garage as the bike and boat tour brings you to many of Ottawa’s great places. Visit the locations by bike, and admire them from the water by boat.

While our bike routes run often along the water, the boat gives you that one of kind impression that the First Nations saw 8000 years ago and in more recent times the European visitors too.

Capital Boat Cruise

But there is another way to see Ottawa too. There are several cruise companies active on the mighty Ottawa River. To complement our bike tours, we have teamed up with Capital Cruises. Our friends at Capital Cruises offer several packages to take you on a cruise on the Ottawa River. The company offers four different cruises, each with a unique theme: sunset, fireworks, dinner and Legends of the Ottawa River. 

Spectacular views with a boat cruise

There are two covered decks and an open-top deck on the Empress of Ottawa. Obviously, the open deck is by far the best place to take in all the sights such as Parliament Hill, the Supreme Court, The Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, the Rideau Falls, the home of our first Prime Minister John A. McDonald, the French embassy and the beautiful Rideau Falls. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on 24 Sussex, the home of the Prime Minister of Canada because it is really hard to see from the road with trees and fences blocking your view from the road. 

Historic Ottawa shore lines

After all those downtown goodies, the cruise continues further east to get a glimpse of what the Ottawa river looks like without the built environment. Not much has changed since the first indigenous peoples were using the river as their means of transportation thousands of years ago. If you are lucky you might even see a large canoe travelling down the river. Or a Moose. Or a deer.

Bike and Boat cruise packages

The Bike and Boat package offered from May until October is a super good deal: you’ll start with a two-hour bike tour with Escape Bicycle tours on Sparks Street (guide, bikes, helmets, water included) taking you to the best sites by bike in the downtown area.

Then it is time for the ‘Legends of the Ottawa River’ tour with bilingual commentary on the Empress of Ottawa at any of the ‘Legends of the Ottawa River’ the company offers.  The middle deck has a bar with very reasonable prices for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Why not raise a drink to a great day in the Nation’s Capital.

If you want to check out the weather first, do check it now right here.

We can’t think of a better way to experience a day in Ottawa. Leave the car at the hotel and enjoy an entire day in and around Canada’s Capital highlights from the bike and the boat. 

Book your tour today with Maria at Escape Bicycle Tours today: scroll down to the third package on this page.

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