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Ottawa ‘Foods Of The World’ Tour

An Olympus Peraux Murder Mystery


  • Discover a world of flavour in one city!

  • Learn about the exotic origins of everyday food staples.
  • Learn about the fusion of food traditions which both challenge and preserve traditional identities.

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A murder has shaken the Ottawa culinary scene to its core, but this strange affair is a cake walk as take on the identity of Olympus Peraux, world-famous detective.

Can you uncover the murderer before they strike again? Only time will tell!

Ottawa has attracted fine culinary minds from around the world who proudly serve their culture in every dish. Go behind the scenes and learn about the people and traditions that have contributed to the city’s unique culinary offerings.

Powered by the Questo smartphone app, you will tour the city solving riddles and puzzles as you play an active role in a fictional story. As you participate in the story you will explore Ottawa’s vibrant culinary scene and discover the real-life world of flavour the city has to offer.

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