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Ottawa’s Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt for Food Lovers

Published: February 13, 2022
Last updated: March 17, 2022
Food of the World self-guided tour of Ottawa

From Ethiopian to Korean, Filipino to Italian, there is a world of flavour just a bike ride away when you’re in Ottawa! With so much choice it can be tough to know where to start – lucky for you we have chomped our way around town and learned about the world of food that’s on offer in Canada’s beautiful capital city.

Grab your forks and bring your appetites because we will be exploring 11 fantastic downtown Ottawa restaurants and cafes in the “Foods of the World” Murder Mystery Self-Guided City Game. Whether you’re an Ottawa food newbie or a well-seasoned foodie, we can guarantee that this tour will be to your taste!

Picture this: your boss has asked you to plan a team-building outing for the work team. You could do the usual, afterall, bowling was fun the last 5 times. You could go for lucky #6, or you could opt to try something new that’s still super simple and affordable: a self-guided city game exploring the Foods of the World!  

Leading you on this self-guided game is fictional detective Olympus Peraux. Join Peraux as this gumshoe follows his nose through the streets of Ottawa and the tastiest murder mystery in town. Fun and captivating; this whodunnit is one you will savour from appetizer to dessert!

If you missed our previous blog post with the Introduction to Our Scavenger Hunt City Games, make sure to check it out and learn more about how the games work!

11 Fantastic Downtown Restaurants and Cafes

While we don’t want to give away too much (afterall, half the fun of the game is finding the destinations and exploring the city) but in the “Foods of the World” Self Guided City Game you will: 

  1. Visit 11 local eateries representing the diverse culinary tastes of Ottawa including Indian, Korean, Ethiopian, Caribbean, Lebanese, Filipino, Italian, and Canadian food traditions.
  2. Explore a route of approximately 9 KM in downtown Ottawa! Without stopping to eat this would take about 2 hours by foot or 1-1.5 hours by bike or scooter.
  3. Learn about the Chefs that have made their home in the Ottawa food scene.
  4. Enjoy a fun game; perfect for solo exploration, or enjoy as a couple, a group of friends, or a family!!!

During the game as you tour around downtown Ottawa so make sure to bring your appetite! You can pause the game at any time and resume it later if you happen to find yourself drooling over a fresh piece of baklava, a mountainous poutine, a refreshing gelato, or a frosty mug of beer. 

Then, once you’ve had your fill, you can resume the game and continue investigating. Will you be able to learn the identity of this culinary cut-throat before they strike again? 

Corporate group is having picnic and eating locally made sandwiches at Little Italy during Escape private bike and food tour

Physically Distanced Fun!

The “Foods of the World” Self-Guided Game is best enjoyed during the day so you can stop and enjoy food at one of the locations of the game, but the great thing about our Self-Guided City Games is that they can be played even when the restaurants are closed. You will find everything you need to play and complete the game outside. This means you can play and enjoy the game at any time that is convenient for you and your schedule.

Plus, because the game is delivered through your smartphone you will be able to breathe easy knowing that you can safely enjoy the game with your bubble!

Rent a  bike and explore Centretown Ottawa Food scene with our self-guided city tours

Effective team building events can be expensive and difficult to plan and it’s difficult to find something that the whole team can rally behind; fortunately, everyone loves food! With 11 varieties of cuisines and dishes, there will be something to try even for the fussiest one in your team. Your team will enjoy the novelty of the game experience while they cooperate to solve puzzles and work collaboratively towards their ultimate hunger game! In the games, your team will need to solve word puzzles, unscramble coded messages, and follow directions between locations. 

The “Food of the World” Self-Guided City Game is the ultimate team-building experience in Ottawa! 

Try It Today!!!

If you like to try these games with a bike or an electric kick scooter, you can rent them from us and get a 10% discount. Check out our Ottawa Bike, Electric Bike and Scooter rental page and use promo code [ESCAPEGAME22] when booking your rental. 

Escape Tours and Rentals thanks Ottawa Tourism and the Destination Development Fund for their support of the Escape Tours and Rentals Self-Guided City Games.

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