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Thrilled to be mentioned in Via Rail blog

Published: January 11, 2018
Last updated: April 23, 2021
biking in ottawa when you arrive by ViaRail

Escape Bicycle Tours is thrilled to have been mentioned in ViaRail Blog.

There are so many reasons to go car-free when visiting a city. Along with escaping the frustrations of traffic, GPS apps and parking fees, there is the simple joy of discovering a city on foot.

What’s more satisfying than finding a hidden café, green lane or local shop so easily zoomed past in a car? At Escape Bicycle Tours, whose company story is quite inspiring, we met Lucie Villeneuve, our kind and patient guide (amateur cyclist alert!) and got equipped.

Two hours later, we had completed a loop along the Rideau Canal, through neighbourhoods we would never have otherwise seen, across the Ottawa River and back. By the end we were goofy and giddy – both from the kid-like joy of bike riding and from the discoveries made along the way. Read more here!

Interested in a tour. Click here for more info.

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